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With the advent of the Apple iPad, and similar Android tablets the door has been opened to the possibility of huge productivity gains and marketing opportunities in the business world. Sodacode is positioned to utilise these gains and opportunities for businesses, that see this platform as part of their vision for the future. You receive a software solution that is tailored to your individual business needs.

Our solutions are developed to be simple to use, flexible, efficient, secure and wherever possible, totally portable. If you see online and mobile applications as part of the vision for your company’s future, let us help you discover the benefits.

Sodacode is an Australian based company that specialises in mobile application design and development. We are a team of experienced developers, architects, and designers, that have over 25 years combined experience in programming, design and development.

At Sodacode we offer a complete service that includes taking the spark of an idea through to conception, design, development and distribution.


We create mobile apps and on-line services that take advantage of emerging platforms like iPhone, iPad and Android based hardware. No mobile application is complete without supporting web-services and integration to legacy systems, so it’s no surprise that we have put together a well equipped team to bring it all together for our clients.

We offer a team of experienced developers, architects, and designers focused to offer a unique experience for those in the pursuit of an innovative and cutting-edge mobile application, regardless of the industry.

We are focused on offering a unique mobile experience for those in the pursuit of an innovative and cutting-edge mobile application



The goal of system analysis is to determine where the problem is in an attempt to fix the system. This step involves breaking down the system in different pieces to analyze the situation, analyzing project goals, breaking down what needs to be created and attempting to engage users so that definite requirements can be defined.

Requirements analysis sometimes requires individuals/teams from client as well as service provider sides to get detailed and accurate requirements.



In systems design the design functions and operations are described in detail, including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams and other documentation. The output of this stage will describe the new system as a collection of modules or subsystems.

The design stage takes as its initial input the requirements identified in the approved requirements document. For each requirement, a set of one or more design elements will be produced as a result of interviews, workshops, and/or prototype efforts.



Modular and subsystem programming code will be accomplished during this stage. Unit testing and module testing are done in this stage by the developers. This stage is intermingled with the next in that individual modules will need testing before integration to the main project.


iPhones can significantly improve a company’s productivity and communications by offering the ability to share and collaborate data in real time and provide detailed reports, collating and organization of any information used in a custom enterprise app. This is one of the most secure methods of tracking sensitive, proprietary information on a user-defined, constantly updatable status. Sodacode can implement simple or comprehensive enterprise apps that can be used to streamline and bring together factions of even the most fragmented businesses.

iPhones can significantly improve a company’s productivity and communications.



Business intelligence is worthless without action. iPad applications properly managed by top company officials or senior management combines both with stunning accuracy and pleasing, intuitive visual presentation. iPads allow businesspeople to stay connected to their company, associates, clients and even their desktop from a nearly limitless range of worldwide locations.

Whether you need instant access to data to seize upon short-fuse opportunities or you require detailed performance reports in order to develop immediate actions, having the right application on your iPad is critical. Sodacode can help you develop, implement and access custom-designed apps built specifically for your company.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a helpful business tool right out of the box. The introduction of the apple watch has seen the most personal application of technology to date. Progressive companies are using the combination of iOS and the Apple Watch to take a deeper step into mobility.

Apple has developed all new interactions and technologies to let you do familiar things more quickly. This creates new opportunity for solutions and applications making the integration of workflow to the user a whole new and more engaging and enjoyable experience. Thus allowing for a tighter coupling between organisational expectation and user compliance without requiring more technological demands on users.



Instantly transform your business with Filemaker. The FileMaker Platform is ideally suited for unique needs. It’s easy and affordable to implement and get started.

Run custom solutions that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web.

We can offer complete managed solution or assist with getting you started and provide key assistance when required.

The fastest most cost effective way to deliver data rich solutions across multiple platforms.



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